THE PROCESS                                                          What is Quantum Light Healing?


What a Treatment Session Looks Like:

Sessions consist of initial check in, defining client objectives and questions, about one hour table time for a combination of NFR Therapy sometimes with other Myofascial modalities depending on what the issues are, followed by a discussion of downloads received by both client and practitioner, as well as suggested self-healing tasks to be done at home.  Any myotherapy work will be done first followed by the lighter calming energetic work.  The physical body work and the full Nervous System NFR work are up to the practitioner but the downloads and any information received is up to your higher self and your light body expression, we can ask questions but the information that comes will be based on the priorities of higher self as to what is important to know so approaching this work requires being ready to be open and flexible about information received.  Everything is up to the protagonist here, so nothing is set in stone, it is a free will universe.


Treatment Objectives:

This can be deep work, this can be transformative work. I am here for you. Be here for yourself. What I mean is, you do not have to know intellectually exactly what you need but it helps consider ahead of time what your objectives are for yourself such as alleviating and resolving physical pain, transcending trauma, wishing to grow and push past blocks in life, to free oneself from being “stuck”.  If none of that is clear but you just have a sense you need this work, be assured it was all meant to happen this way and it will become clear eventually. I am not here to tell anyone how to live or what is important, my role is to be a conduit for your light body process and to present information I receive. So it is essential you are aware that it is your process guiding the work, and your energy body that is connected to the ALL that knows everything, that knows best for your highest good. We will follow where the path leads together.


Preparation:  Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, a T-shirt and shorts or sweat shirt and sweatpants, with minimally restrictive, stretchy fabric.  Clients can consider bringing a journal to take notes. 


Concerning Time:

Be prepared to spend about 2 hours for the first appointment, and about 1.5 hours after that. For this reason it is recommended to choose a day off or after work appointment. For your own well-being it is highly suggested that you leave room before and after the session so as to avoid feeling frazzled by rushing, disturbing your energy before you arrive.  This is also important so that you can get maximum value out of your session by allowing quiet time without high demands on your nervous system afterward so as to anchor the work we just completed in the fullest most effective way.  This is just a suggestion, something to be mindful of for the best results.



What Does Quantum Light Healing look like?
"Mind, Matter and Manifestation"

Before any on-the-table work begins, we will dialogue on client goals, questions and expectations. Returning clients will share what has occured since the previous appointment with any observations, dreams or impact of exercises given at the previous appointment. After the table work we discuss and examine messages or downloads received by practitioner and client together.

The light body template which inhabits the physical body receives light of varied vibration and color during treatment which shifts the body but also is a form of communication. This is a kind of conversation between the light body and the physical body.  This is therapy that originates from the aetheric level. As practitioner I will share any downloads, visions or color light codes that are messages received,  The client is invited to share their experiences and sensations as well as any visions or whatever else comes to mind that add to the picture.  This information is then written down, recorded and taken home for further consideration by the client.

"Anchoring In Aetheric Quantum Light"

Quantum Light Healing begins with hands-on Myotherapy and ends with NFR  energy medicine treatment usually accompanied by intuitive downloads for Client and Practitioner. Whatever affects the physical body is a manifestation or reflection of what is going on energetically. Working on the physical level alleviates pain and clears the way for deeper energetic work. As the physical body re-calibrates, it clears the path for the mind and aetheric body healing process. Your body will process this Quantum Light work as your physical body re-connects with the aetheric template, it will self correct naturally.


This Work Includes the Following Modalities:  


Neurofascial Release or NFR which is both physical and energy medicine, consisting of very light hands on contact with the nerve pathways of the physical body and having both physical and energetic affects. Sometimes this energy medicine will be combined with modalities from my Clinical Myotherapy background and includes the following modalities;


Trigger Point Technique and Orthopedic Myotherapy and Neuromuscular Therapy or NMT.


( For more details on my clinical injury treatment background check out my Clinical Myotherapy Website: )




"Self-Reflection and Healing Support"

Multi-Dimensional Homework is based on information gathered from the downloads received during treatment and discussed afterward. Based on these downloads, tasks are suggested. This often consists of Dreamwork journaling, Meditation assignments, dietary and activity suggestions.  In-Office guided meditation sessions can be added for extra support as a separate appointment as well. Results of these self healing exploration tasks are then discussed at the next appointment.

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