Quantum Light Autogentics                                                                                                                                     “AETHER, MIND, MATTER”






Energy Medicine Practitioner~Licensed Myotherapy Practitioner-Clinical






A QUANTUM SYMBOL                                                         This beautiful swirling symbol of vast antiquity is the Triskelion

…known to symbolize the Holy Trinity as far back as the Middle Ages but has even earlier origins in ancient Pre-Christian Celtic tradition, where it was used to indicate the presence of a healer or shaman.  It is also an expression of “the unity of the mental, physical and spiritual self”.  The dynamic synergy and balance of these three elements allows the embodiment of perfect health on all levels and true healing which is the ultimate goal of my practice! 


It is a symbol that has always held a deep attraction for me even before I knew of all the meanings behind it. Shortly after this symbol first caught my eye, my mother, a master healer in her own right, in a twist of synchronicity, gave me a pendant with the Triskele embossed upon it. This series of events was beyond coincidence, motivating me to learn more.  I cannot imagine a more appropriate logo to represent what I do!







QUANTUM LIGHT AUTOGENICS is a multi- dimensional approach to healing wherein the one to be healed is the protagonist, rather than the helpless one and the practitioner is a healing facilitator with specialized knowledge, not a Guru. 


This healing includes overcoming lifepath stagnation as well as physical pain and physical or emotional trauma and much more. The goal is not only to remove the energetic blocks which lead to pain or disease on the physical, mind and aetheric level but ALSO…




It is important that you know that it is not required to subscribe to any specific belief system or understand any of these concepts to have successful Quantum Light Healing because you light body already knows what to do. This is just a glimpse into this healing work driven by my own perception, professional and personal learning and direct experience.

Quantum Light Healing and The Ascension Journey
The Light Body already Knows that Aetheric Light Heals...

The word Quantum comes from the latin word root ‘quanta" meaning “how much'’ or basic ”unit of quantity or unit of matter".   Quantum Light refers to the cosmic light which is the foundation of all matter, in other words light literally makes up everything tangible in the Universe including the body. Therefore, simply reconnecting to Aetheric Light codes heals the physical body and psyche to match the light body template, unblocking aetheric energy and the path to Cosmic Consciousness.  Addressing and utilizing Quantum Light in the body can heal! 



Lightbody Color Codes and Multi Dimensional Healing
All Healing is revealed to be Multi-Dimensional Healing…

Light, energy and vibration are the basis building blocks for our entire world, our experience and our reality.

This is my perspective, but it is also factual according to cutting edge Physics.  The vibration or speed of frequency produces the color we experience. Each colors vibratory expression corresponds to specific aetheric qualities grounding themselves into the chakras or energy centers of the subtle or light body.  It is this quantum or cosmic light which innervate and give life to the physical body.

Light body color codes stream into the body during treatment, different colors mean different things and speak to what the physical body needs more of. 


Autogenics, NFR and the Nervous System
The Nervous System is Both Physical and Energetic…

Autogenics means “self generated” or “self created”. So Quantum Healing Autogenics literally means “Self generated Photonic or Energetic Healing” This means that your own body and light body are doing the healing. The light body is the subtle body energy system, it is supplied from universal or cosmic energy

from the Aether to you.  In my experience this energy enters through the crown chakra at the top of ones head and innervates the physical body. NFR or Neurofascial Release is a technique applied to unlock injured or over-activated nerve pathways throughout the body.



What is Quantum Light Healing?
  • A Treatment Session      
  • Treatment Objectives
  • Concerning Time
  • Client Preparation
  • Practical Suggestions



What is Lightbody Astral Travel Meditation?

Meditation can be an amazing catalyst for healing on all levels, personal growth as well as the general expansion of awareness. There are a myriad of ways to calm, quiet and center the mind.  Guided meditation can be an amazing tool for beginners because of the gentle external guidance. For advanced meditators, meditation in a group setting can be very powerful.   Each person present brings a unique calibration of energy to the collective enhancing frequency and depth of the experience.