“Consciousness is the ground of all being”       Dr Amit Gaswami

Light Body Astral Travel

A form of guided meditation…

Meditation is a mind exercise.  In my view, it does not require any specific spiritual approach or clash with any religious beliefs. Many spiritual traditions have some kind of mindful practice.   Quantum Physics postulates that consciousness is the ground of all being-ness. This is because thought is energy and energy is light and light makes up all matter. 


According to Dr Amit Gaswami, Career Physicist and Professor at the University of Oregon (now retired) and Author of the foremost Physics Textbook for Universities in the US, “Consciousness is the ground of all being”.  This may sound vague or esoteric but it is also mind-blowing, especially when considering that this concept can actually be backed up by science. Additionally he cites multiple documented scientific experiments done, proving that the physical brain does not produce the mind, as we in modern society were trained to believe, but rather that the brain is simply a receiver (through the pineal gland) of ones consciousness and all the elegant thoughts and awarenesses we are capable of. This is why it can be said that we really are all one, just as the worlds most ancient spiritual traditions have taught.


WHOA, wait, what?!


Prior to learning meditation practices, many of us may have assumed we had no choice but to allow ourselves to be dragged around by what meditation teachers have called “the monkey mind” wherever it would take us, constantly chasing it randomly or becoming victims of it's roaming, rambling and obsessing. If we pursue an understanding of our own consciousness and learn to be masters of it through meditation practice, amazing things become possible both for physical and spiritual health and for our capacities as human beings. 


There are many forms of Meditation, it can be said that what many of the most profound forms of meditation have in common is that they involve letting go of thought, its not about concentration.  It is not about “trying" it is about ”allowing". We are so used to “concentrating” and "achieving" that this can present a challenging change in perception which once experienced can have profound effects on everything we do and how we experience reality itself, awakening the protagonist in us and bringing us into contact with our true nature our true power potential and much new found peace and inner calm.


Light body Astral Travel is a guided practice where we can go within, calm the mind, guide it to let go and use our consciousness as a vehicle to experience our light body essence.  In this state, we may to ask questions to our guides/higher beings/divine source, receive Akashic information, do an energetic detox and many other things.


In practical terms this involves sitting quietly together, usually with accompanying meditation music. The meditation guide will seat each participant in the circle, according to the vibrational harmonics indicated by the pendulum.  This can really add to the transcendent effects because in essence, we become a conducting crystal together.  With eyes closed the group will begin, with gentle guidance to go through various stages of centering and relaxing and bringing the mind to a relaxed state through breath and visualization.  This gentle guidance will take the group into the astral after securing our physical vessels.  At a certain point the guide goes quiet for a period of time as the group experiences and receives downloads or just steeps in the aethers individually.  After an appropriate interval, the guidance will lead the group back to their physical vessels. Afterward all are invited to stay and share their own impressions and experiences.


One returns with a deeper sense of peace, clarity and insight. Meditation as a practice leads to many benefits on life's journey including improved decision making, an ability to be in the present in the moment for life, for self, for others and an increase in all forms of intuition as the pineal gland is repeatedly activated, and we are increasingly in touch with the ultimate cosmic consciousness. This practice can be a great jumping off point for students to begin practicing on their own and explore other meditation techniques as well. 


Light Body Astral Travel guided meditation can be done in the context of an individual 

in-office appointment with me as well as in a group setting.  Please see the Events page for up-coming Lightbody Astral Travel group Events and more.