Forms of Payment and Payment Policy


I accept ZELLE, VENMO, Cash or Check as form of payment. Provision can also be made for an invoice for third party payment.


 No direct health insurance processing


This work is for those sincerely striving for healing or raising their own vibration and those willing to recognize their own responsibility within this process. I approach my work with serious intent to assist, however I would not be able to offer my time and provide this service without being compensated for that time.


This work is an agreement between client and practitioner based on a balanced exchange of energy currency in some form.  Having said that,

 I do always make an effort to work with someone who really wants to heal.  Although I do not accept insurance,  I do have a package deal for making sessions more affordable.


4444 Woodland Pk Ave N

Seattle WA 98103


Tel: (206) 931-0915


By Appointment only following phone intake; 

Availability: M-Sat 10am-6pm