~Elemental Concepts Foundational to my Understanding and the Work~
Quantum Light Healing and the Ascension Journey
Aetheric Light Heals…

The word Quantum comes from the latin word root ‘quanta" meaning “how much'’ or basic” unit "for the building blocks of matter itself. Quantum light refers to the smallest units or building blocks of matter detectible or quantifiable. According to the most cutting edge Physics, these tiny units are classified as operating like particles and also like waves which seems like a contradiction but its been established by the most cutting edge physics as factual.  But how is this possible! Well its still got many of the most advanced Physicists freaked out.  


These foundational units are called photons.  They are the foundational components of the cosmic or Aetheric light which makes up everything throughout the universe including our world and our bodies. Addressing and utilizing Quantum Light in the body can heal! Quantum physics which is replacing Newtonian Physics in the vanguard of science because its principles, although mind blowing and uncomfortable for conventional science, contain in its foundations many fewer anomalies or exceptions to the rule when compared with Newtonian Physics, making it by scientific standards, a more sound, true and probable theory because it applies uniformly and repeatedly to everything in every case. This Quantum Physics postulates that consciousness is the ground of all being-ness. This is because thought is energy and energy is light and light makes up all matter! Photons or light has unique and varied vibration which when refracted, expresses itself as a varied spectrum of colors.  That is why the chakras, which are energy vortexes within the light body, resonate with specific color vibrations, expressing a unique quality of light. These color vibrations speak to the body, and through the body. In conclusion, light is foundational to everything physical, everything related to consciousness and everything related to the aetheric dimensions.


In Quantum Light Healing, quantum light enters the body system through the crown chakra in streams of color related to body energy vortexes or chaktras. These colors provide information in the form of color vibration codes to the client in a kind of communication. Light body Healing, which consists of light hands on contact with nerve pathways causing the light body to flow, self-correct, unwind and power up, resulting in centering and downloads, complete nervous system reset and inducing deep calm.


Ascension Path simply means the active pursuit of personal and spiritual growth with the goal of moving into higher and higher, lighter and lighter energies and states of consciousness leading to a rise in vibration or ascension. Ascension in my view is a continuous process that doesnt end its a continuous quest for higher understandings and becoming progressively one with cosmic consciousness or the divine. This is a way of seeing reality. The foundations and dynamics of this knowledge actually works in tandom with and backs up most spiritual   understandings as well as the actual facts of Physics. We are all on this path whether we know it or not and we can take this journey using many different tools, teachings and approaches as we move forward on our path.   The commonalities on this quest is understanding true personal, energetic and consciousness sovereignty as well as a quest and intention to be more and more at one with all things. Another aspect of this Ascension journey is that no one person is above others on this journey, there are no Gurus, only the sharing of experiences and tools to move forward and upward. "going up"  Quantum Light Healing goes to the energetic root of it all, removing blocks to movement forward and upward on our ascension journey.

Lightbody Color Codes and Multi-Dimensional Healing
All Healing Is Multi-Dimensional Healing…

Light, energy and vibration are the basic building blocks for our entire world, our experience and our reality. The vibratory speed of light produces the color we experience. Each vibratory color expression corresponds to specific aetheric qualities grounding themselves into the chakras or energy centers of the subtle or light body which innervate and give life to the physical body.  When I place my hands on the nerve routes I begin to see with my inner eyes  light as it enters the body system in streams of color. These colors provide information in the form of color vibration codes to the client in a kind of communication. Light body Healing, which consists of slight gentle hands on contact with nerve pathways causing the light body to correct, unwind and power up and express itself.


At a certain point in my practice, I began to discover that the color codes were a form of communication from the aetheric or light body to the three dimensional person on my table. After initally dismissing it, eventually the information I got was telling me this was real and valuable source of information for the healing that was going on! 


These light codes are communicating specific messages about what is missing and what is needed.  I actually began to look up the colors I was seeing after the fact in terms of chakra color and spiritual significance, and it would almost always resonate with my client and what they were working on or just what they needed more of.  In my minds eye its possible to see the areas where the light has strength or weakness, light areas and dark areas, flow or blockage. This is a dynamic that relates to concepts of healing where in when we have heaviness in our emotions, in our energies of the body we are pulled down into greater density. 


When we release wounding, toxic thoughts or emotions etc, we ascend to higher energies, lighter more aetherial states. Quantum Light body healing helps to balance the energetic or light body, allows releases and drops the densities that cause disease and pain.  As we work, the flow usually stabilizes and  balances your light body as it processes and self corrects. I also observe at times, dark areas where the light is blocked or clouded.

This results in centering and downloads for the client and for myself the practitioner.  It also results in complete nervous system reset and inducing deep calm and a meditative state for the client. It used to be that one would simply go to the doctor, get a treatment with medication or surgery with the assumption that the problem would then be solved, but this is not always the case. It was never that simple but that understanding worked for a while.


It is my observation that all healing is multi dimensional, and that healing the nervous system requires addressing both the physical and the energetic. Whatever happens on one level creates reverberations on the other levels dimensionally. For example, physical ailments can cloud thoughts and intuition, mental angst or anguish can eventually condense into physical illnesses, trauma from past lives or from the negative thought forms of others, or ones own denial can condense into heavy energy, throwing off the body. 


Humanity is now being called to a higher more wholistically connected way of seeing things which demands a deeper sense of responsibility for ones own state of being whether of the physical body, mind or spirit.






Autogenics, NFR and the Nervous System
Aether to Body Connection Allows Self Generated Healing…

Physically the nerves also are composed of contractile tissues just like muscles. On an energetic level the nerves carry energetic charge as well. For many years, I worked with NFR as a wonderful tool for pain but just on the physical level, giving the nerve roots slack, calming nerve spasm and stopping the pain pulse loop that sometimes continues to produce physical pain even long after the injury is healed. This was fantastic for phantom pain, neuralgia and other nerve related disorders.  This could be described on a purely physical level as a technique of using my fingertips the same way electrodes have been used to treat pain. It is already known that the body conducts electriciy. Then at some point unintentionally, out of the blue, I began to not only feel physical current but I also began see patterns of light streaming through the body following the nerve root pathways, these currents of light had distinct colors.


Autogenics means “self generated” or “self created”. So Quantum Healing Autogenics literally means “Self generated Photonic Cosmic, Energetic Healing” This means that your own body and light body are doing the healing… The light body is the subtle body energy system, it is supplied from universal or cosmic energy which in my experience enters through the crown chakra at the top of ones head when I place my hands on the nerve routes, these energies are allowed to flow and shift and recalibrate the body systems, expressing in color vibrations.


Everything is connected. Our mental state, our physical state and our aetheric body all affect each other.  If there is something unresolved in the aetheric realms, past life trauma or some kind of negative feelings, experiences or a negative thread from someone else, it can affect our subtle body, and/or our mental body.  If unhealed, or ignored these toxic energies begin to condense more and more, becoming heavier until they begin to manifest in the body physically.


I have observed in my own life and in my practice that the path forward in life, the ascending path, must include paying attention to all levels and dimensions in order to truly heal the body, mind and spirit because they are all connected. Therefore, its important to understand that all true healing is an internal process first and foremost.   Ultimately one has to take responsibility for ones own state of being and have a desire to do what is necessary to heal. This means healing within the physical mental and energetic complex of ones self in connection to the greater cosmic consciousness, the divine or God. This is a sovereign  practice.  I consider myself to be a guide and a channel as well as a myotherapy practitioner and energy healing practitioner. After the table work we discuss and examine these messages together. The Light body is your subtle body, the photonic body, the energy body, which is connected to the all, to your soul essence, to the template of your perfect body as designed, to your Akash and to the larger soul group or soul family you belong to.  All information is there, all solutions are there, all healing is there.  So your lightbody knows what to do. Aligning the physical body with the light body template, letting the light in its various color vibrations into the physical body creates that multi-dimensional healing. Quantum Light healing consists of slight gentle hands on contact with the physical nerve pathways on the body causes the light body or subtle body which is a body template of energy to correct, unwind and power up the chakra energy centers. This is in essence self generated healing, because we are accessing the aetheric blueprints and clearing the path for these light codes to bring the physical body, the psyche and the light body in line with its original template.