QUANTUM LIGHT AUTOGENICS is a multi-dimensional approach to healing where in the one to be healed is the protagonist, rather than the helpless victim and the practitioner is a healing facilitator with specialized knowledge, not a Guru.  This includes overcoming lifepath stagnation as well as physical pain and physical or emotional trauma and much more. The goal is not only to remove the energetic blocks which lead to pain or disease on the physical, mind and aetheric level but ALSO… 


to step into the fullness of our original aethereal template of health, energy, life force and knowing.  As one humanity we have come to a time when in order to find a way forward, both in our own lives and as a collective world, personal growth and an expansion in consciousness is required. Seeing things differently is so much more powerful that it appears. This is my intention as I step forward offering up this Quantum Light Autogenics healing path to others, there is absolutely no other work I would rather do. Although I am fully aware that it is not up to me to know exactly where the path leads us, this is the consciousness motivating my practice. 


WHAT I DO:  This work is a hybrid of Energy Medicine and Grounded Clinical Physical healing knowledge and tools.  We are addressing the body as well as the light body and its natural regenerative and healing abilities while rebuilding that connection between one's own mind, aetheric or light body and the physical body. It has become my understanding over time that stuck energy at the aetheric or quantum level is created by things such as unhealed current or past life trauma, karmic burdens as well as destructive thoughts and emotions.  If not processed and cleared, these energies become heavier and heavier, condensing more and more until they manifest in the physical body system, creating mysterious chronic pain at first and eventually disease if not dealt with. In the same way, PTSD and Trauma also can eventually lead to illness. My work is based on a kind of quantum understanding that healing is multi-dimensional and all levels influence all the other levels, one has the best opportunity for lasting results to  recover fully when addressing and honoring all levels together rather than prioritizing one over the others or only focusing on one level. 


Quantum Light healing consists of slight gentle hands on contact with the physical nerve pathways on the body causes the light body or subtle body which is a body template of energy to correct, unwind and power up the chakra energy centers. This is in essence self generated healing, because we are accessing the aetheric blueprints and clearing the path for these light codes to bring the physical body, the psyche and the light body in line with its original template. It is my deepest joy and gratification to be a witness, to assist in peoples healing, in dropping their pain levels, in moving forward and making major shifts in their perception.



HOW DID I COME TO DO WHAT I AM DOING NOW?   It is important to understand first thing, that all true healing is an internal process first and foremost. Therefore I consider myself to be a facilitator with specialized skills and knowledge to share, but as a client with this work, ultimately one has to take responsibility for one's own state of being and have a desire to do what is necessary to heal.  My part is to hold space, bring forward and offer my experience and tools, to be a guide, at times a channel as well as a myotherapy practitioner and energy medicine practitioner. 


I began this work 19 years ago, not in the Woo Woo world but in doing hands on work throughout my grounded experience as a clinical Myotherapy and Othopedic Massage Practicioner. I focused on clinical injury treatment. Energy Medicine was the furthest thing from my mind. I spent my first decade in practice treating acute injury and pain in a collaborative pain clinic and later in my own clinical treatment-focused practice which has taught me so much. In my first decade of practice, I worked at Northgate Pain Control Center which was, although progresssive and unique, a very conventional medical environment.  


A big turning point came when, for professional licensing continuing education I took an interesting sounding course for treating neuropathy. I studied under Michael Hamms and received certification for NFR treatment or “Neurofascial Release” which can be described as a cousin of Cranial Sacral Therapy. NFR however accesses the Peripheral Nervous System rather that the CNS or Central Nervous System.  The Peripheral Nervous System is defined as as all the nerve pathways starting from where they exit the spine all the way out to the furthest reaches of the extremities. NFR works by contacting the peripheral nerve pathways where they are close to the surface as well as deeper nerves not so easy to access from the surface. Although this is how it is officially described, there was an elemental goal of contacting nerve tissues even at very deep access points, impossible to do physically, but we were trained to know these points anatomically and to acess them using “intention”.  I was mystified but fascinated and that's where it all began. 


The course was presented in a very grounded almost medical way, we learned about conditions involving neuropathology, the anatomy of the Nervous System and the locations we were attempting to access for specific positive effect on the Peripheral NS Nerve Pathways. NFR Technique is applied by tracing and giving slack to the nerve routes at specific points on the extremities, spine and head. This can have profound effects, intercepting the pain loops of neuralgia and phantom pain and resetting the nervous system as a whole, also it is very helpful for Trauma, both physical and emotional. 


So I began using this amazing modality with great success at the Pain Clinic, setting out to treat Acute Injury and Surgery Aftercare.  At about the same time, I accidentally began to experience heightened inner vision along with a sudden inner knowing or "clairsentience" in the form of information and downloads for clients. I began to see light of various colors flowing through the body of my clients and receive information coming from my client's light body and higher consciousness. I started getting dietary, relationship and even past life information for clients, this was not coming from me.  Though I didn't realize it at the time, it was coming from the light body system of the person on my table. This did not fit in the clinical environment in which I was working or with my professional self-concept at all! 


I was surprised and confused because I did not go looking for any of this! Honestly, I was pretty freaked out. At first, I tried to suppress or ignore it, I guess I was concerned about not wanting to trespass into someone's private life unbeknownst to them as well as feeling this would stand in my way of being taken seriously.  What I was experiencing was out of bounds but as it turned out nothing could stop my own growing awareness of the multi-dimensional nature of all healing. In the course of time, I realized that I had no choice but to embrace this awareness and began incorporating it later in my own independent practice.  It would take a number of years, and other developments along my own personal journey to come to the methods and understandings needed to reach the point where I decided to officially launch Quantum Light Autogenics.